Rentals Week Coming Soon!

Ideal Homes is an award winning real estate agency that is located in the Algarve, the most southern part of portugal. Many people have invested in a property in the Algarve as it is known as a worldwide tourist destination as it has more than 300 days of sunshine which allows for the best opportunity to use your property for extended periods.

Even during the pandemic, Algarve had tourists visiting throughout the year due to its favourable climate and breathtaking beaches. There was a large movement of tourists from all around Europe who chose to spend their lockdown in the Algarve instead of being in their own country. The reason for this is because the Algarve is a very well run part of Portugal who has managed to keep the infection numbers down despite the continuous rise to the rest of the country. The local communities and companies have all dug deep and continued to make the best out of a difficult situation, showing that not even a pandemic can keep the Algarve down.

Set your mind at ease when choosing Ideal Homes Rentals as we have an up to date integrated approach to all the Portuguese requirements which leaves all of our clients completely satisfied. We also continuously evaluate our current strategies and adapt them to stay relevant with the current trends and events.

Starting on the 19th of April, Ideal Homes Rentals will be hosting a week full of videos, articles and FAQs about our property management services and how we can take care of your investment.

Stay tuned to our Youtube Channel , Social Media Page and Website in order to get the scoop on Ideal Home Rentals.

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