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Arranging a holiday that everyone can enjoy in the family can be a difficult task as we are all so different and we all enjoy different activities. Lagos is a historical and characterful city located in Southern Portugal, in the beautiful sunny Algarve region. Lagos perfectly combines traditional Portuguese culture with beautiful beaches and modern tourist facilities. Everyone can find something to enjoy while vacationing in Lagos. 

Top 5 Activities to do in Lagos

  1. Soaking up the sun on multiple beaches
  2. Spending the day on 1 of 4 golf courses
  3. Outdoor activities fit for the whole family
  4. Historical Sites worth seeing 
  5. Place of paradise for any Foodie

Soaking up the sun on multiple beaches:

Lagos is the perfect destination for beach hopping as it has 5 stunning beaches that are in walking distance from the historic center of Lagos which are as follows:

  • Meia Praia: Ideal for surfing due to it’s powerful waves and natural setting.
  • Praia da Batata: The most popular beach as it is the closest beach to the historic centre. 
  • Praia de Porto de Mós: It is a more secluded beach and a good alternative to Meia Praia.
  • Praia dona Ana: One of the best beaches in Algarve and is one of the most photographed beaches as it is surrounded by golden coloured cliffs. 
  • Praia do Camilo: The smallest and most secluded beach as it is located amongst towering cliffs. 

Spending the day on 1 of 4 golf courses:

If you prefer spending your day on the golf course as you indulge in breathtaking scenic views then I would recommend any of the following golf courses that Lagos has to offer:

  • Boavista Golf Course: Offers two distinct sections of play providing a variety of attractive and interesting holes. For this reason it promises a sensible game for the average player.
  • Espiche Golf Course: The latest course addition in the Algarve and offers the golfer a clever blend of open countryside with vineyards and views to the Monchique Mountains.
  • Palmares Golf Course: The course consists of 27 holes that are laid out on the side of a south-facing hill overlooking the Bay of Lagos therefore the views as you play your round are quite breathtaking. 
  • Santo Antonio Golf Course: The course provides visually attractive views of the surrounding countryside lined on the horizon by the sea. The fairways roll up and down through hills demanding accurate shots and good placing.

Palmares Golf Course

Outdoor activities fit for the whole family:

The following activities can be enjoyed by the whole family: 

  • Boat trips and tours: Departing from the Lagos Marina, there are a variety of boat trips and tours that can be enjoyed by the whole family which includes dolphin watching, deep sea fishing trips, tours to Lagos coastline and caves. There are even paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skis, jet boats and speed boat tours that can be enjoyed by the more adventurous. 
  • Lagos Zoo: Consists of a monkey island and petting farm which is mostly enjoyed by families with young children.
  • Pro-putting Garden: Is a premium miniature golf course that is enjoyed by all ages and is a real competition for serious golfers. It has a smaller 9 hole course for little ones who are just starting to play and has a 18 hole championship course which is professionally designed to test even the most experienced golfer. 

Departing from the Lagos Marina

Historical Sites worth seeing:

Lagos is a city steeped in history as it is filled with the following historical monuments and buildings which contribute to the city’s character and charm:

  • Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse
  • Centro Cultural de Lagos 
  • Church of Santa Maria de Lagos
  • Church of St. Sebastian 
  • Church of Santo Antonio and Municipal Museum 
  • Castelo dos Governadores  
  • Forte da Ponta da Bandeira 
  • Antigo Mercado de Escravos 
  • Centro Ciencia Viva de Lagos 

Centro Cultural de Lagos

Place of paradise for any Foodie:

If you are a foodie, Lagos is the ideal place to vacation as it is filled with a wide selection of restaurants and cafes so making it possible to eat somewhere completely different every day.  Here is a list of the top places you should eat in Lagos!

  • Branson Steak and Shellfish
  • Lazy Jacks
  • The Oasis
  • Quay Lagos
  • The Lighthouse
  • Avenida Restaurante
  • Poke Lagos
  • Tasca Do Kiko
  • Sweet Home
  • Smooth Restaurante

Restaurants on the Lagos Marina

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