Ideal Homes Rentals will be featuring in a 3 Day Online Event!

Ideal Homes International have just announced they will be hosting another three day webinar!

Starting on Monday 17th August at 5pm GMT+1, London/Lisbon time, the event will run until 7pm across all three days.

Experts from Portugal will be on hand for interested individuals wanting to invest or find a property management company in the Algarve.

Covering a variety of topics from market updates to the buying process in each respective area, Golden Visa requirements and property and rental management

For each topic, clients will be able to view high quality, virtual tours of properties that qualify for residency and mortgage simulations.

They have also been able to obtain reductions on properties exclusively for this event so everyone who joins will have the first chance to choose a property that suits them.

Find Your Future Freedom with Ideal Homes this August!

Chris White, CEO & Founder, says “from the comfort of their homes, clients have been able to make informed decisions on their property purchases in the Algarve. By joining experts virtually, all their questions were answered before they even had to get on a plane!

As a result, Ideal Homes have sold many rental investment properties over the past few months where owners are already reaping the benefits with rental returns before they even have the keys in their hands.

The team will be hosting a three day online event with a length of two hours each day starting from 17th August until 19th August 2020.

To start, the first topic will be market updates in Portugal and Spain with Angela Worrall, Director, and Charlee Jo-Hanks, Property advisor.

Some of the additional topics will include:

Holiday Rentals in the Algarve

Anyone interested in attending needs to secure their space as soon as possible. Registration can be done here and all the details to join will be sent directly to attendees.

Or, if you want to speak with a property management company in the Algarve, contact us directly to speak with a member of the team.

For more information, call on +351 289 513 434 | 0800 133 7644, or email the team on

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