Ideal Homes Rentals Preparing for Summer 2021 Bookings!

Restrictions are easing, temperatures rising and there is a sense of normality as visitors start arriving in the Algarve. Ideal Homes Rentals is preparing for a busy 2021 summer as even during Covid we have many visitors from all around Europe who decided to spend their lockdown in the sunny Algarve instead of being in their own country.

The following measures were announced on the 15th of January and will be carried out until May just in time to get out of complete lockdown and have normal summer season in the beautiful Algarve.

In March alone we have taken 100000 euros worth of bookings that will be taking place in the summer. The Algarve has always been one of the top holiday destinations in Europe and despite Portugal’s most recent lockdown we are still expecting a very busy summer as many of our clients are very eager to get to the Algarve to indulge in the traditional Portuguese culture, food and wine while catching a tan on some of the world’s best beaches.

Plan your summer holiday in the Algarve and get in contact with Ideal Home Rentals as we will help you find the perfect property to book.

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