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Portugal Wine - Holiday Rentals - Algarve

Are you a wine lover?  “Wine” not come to the Algarve?

Nestled in the South of Portugal lies the Algarve, a true paradise for all those who visit. The Algarve has it all, breathtaking sea views, vast beaches, well designed golf-courses, magical historical sites and the traditional Portuguese food that will leave you wanting more.

However, the Algarve has one more rarity that will leave your taste buds dancing for joy – the ever growing, award winning vineyards that stretch along the coast.

These vineyards are producing some of the best quality wine Europe has to offer. Don’t believe me? Why not try them out for yourself on your next trip to the Algarve? 

Take a journey along the scenic coastline and explore the easily accessible wine estates all throughout the Algarve. Don’t miss your chance at tasting some of Portugal’s true history while enjoying the stunning sunsets with a perfectly poured glass of wine in your hand. 

Book your next holiday through Ideal Homes Rentals ( and we will be sure to guide you to the best Algarve has to offer! Saúde! (Cheers!) your glass awaits!

*Images supplied by Quinta do Tor.

Must See!

Quinta Da Tor: Just off the N125 a fairly new winery making massive leaps in the wine industry that boast a traveller’s choice award for 2020. Their high percentage Syrah is the velvety smooth wine your heart has always desired. 

Cave de Vinhos: A hidden gem full of secrets. Located 8 metres underground, this hidden wine cellar will change your view on life. Housing over 11000 bottles of wine in a cellar built from ancient European bricks this is a definite.

Quinta do Francés: Looking for a nice relaxing tasting overlooking the vineyards? Then this is the place for you. An international awarded wine estate that supplies you with some of Algarve’s finest aged in French oak barrels.

Adega do Cantor: Owned by world renowned Sir Cliff Richard, “Winery of the Singer” situated on Quinta do Miradouro which overlooks the stunning coastline is one for the books. 

Quinta dos Vales:The true wine-maker’s experience is waiting for you at one of the most gorgeous wineries the Algarve has to offer.

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