7 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Algarve this Valentines Day!

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Paradisiacal, alluring, exquisite, a wonderland… Just a few words used to describe the magical place nestled on Portugal’s southern coast called the Algarve. 

We could go on for days about how beautiful it is here but thought you may want to read for yourself what we feel are the top 7 reasons to fall in love with the Algarve this Valentine’s Day!

1. Breathtaking Ocean Views
Home to an astounding 100+ beaches the Algarve is proud to call 87 of these blue flag beaches, making it impossible for you not to relish in the stunning views and sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. Why would you choose not to?

2. Endless Beaches
The Algarve is known internationally as having some of the world’s best beaches, a few of which have won Europe’s Best Beach Destination multiple years in a row.

You will find more commercial beaches used by holidaymakers but there are some hidden gems spread across the Algarve only the locals know about and have kept secret for generations.

3. Well Designed Golf Courses
With over 30 golf courses spread across Portugal’s southern coast, many of which are championship courses, some of the world’s best golf tournaments such as the Portugal Masters take place in the Algarve yearly.

4. Magical Historical Sites
Steeped in history dating back over 3000 years, the Algarve has been home to many nationalities from across the Mediterranean such as the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors.

All of whom have left their mark behind in an array of monuments and buildings, contributing towards the regions character and charm.

5. Award Winning Vineyards
Another mouthwatering, taste bud dancing rarity the Algarve is home to award winning vineyards.

With more popping up along the coast every year, these vineyards are producing some of the best quality wines across Europe that deserve to be indulged with a picturesque sunset.

6. Traditional Portuguese Food
Every region in Portugal has their own unique dishes and with the Algarve being home to a variety of municipalities, it’s a food lovers haven.

From Frango da Guia, a popular, smaller chicken know to retain flavour fives time more than a normal chicken originating in Albufeira, to a more unusual speciality served in a restaurant in Santa Luzia where food critics have called the octopus dishes some of the best in the world.

7. 300+ Days of Sunshine
Not many places in the world can say they are able to enjoy an abundance of glorious sunshine for most of the year.

Here in the Algarve, you can! With only a short and brief winter period, everyone can enjoy an endless summer almost every day of the year…

So, what are you waiting for? Come on down to the Algarve where you can be sure to partake in not just one, but all seven of the reasons to love the place we call home.

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